Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Well as you can tell Matt and I aren't the greatest at blogging. We are still trying to figure things out but we are doing our best for what we know. Nothing real crazy has happened with us lately, we are just taking one day at a time. We are staying busy working, playing softball (of course), and keeping up with our families. We are enjoying life! I love being married to Matt he is such a great husband, and my best friend. We have been married a whopping 91/2 months and still going strong. Marriage for us has been such a wonderful journey, we have had our ups and downs but each experience has brought us closer.

Matt had a softball tournament in Green River this last weekend. They took third place and they got some cool t-shirts and hats. We didn't get back from the tournament till 4:30 AM sunday, then we got up at 8:00 so we could make it to church by 9, needless to say we were extremely tired. Matt was so proud of himself for not falling asleep in church. : ) It was a great weekend!