Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ugh, so I am officially the most boring blogger ever. I tell myself every time I update that I'm going to do better and it never happens. So anyway here is my 3 month update. : ) We found out on March 10 that we are having a baby GIRL!!!!!!! We are so unbelievably excited. I was surprised, but even Matt was way excited when we heard the news. She is a very active baby, during the ultrasound she was moving all over the place, rolling and kicking, it was such a fun experience. I can feel her move a lot now, Matt has been able to feel her a couple times, but he's not very patient so if he doesn't feel her right away he gets frustrated and stops trying to feel her.
It is a little overwhelming to know that I am responsible for this little person and the things I do affect her. It is so amazing to me how I could love someone so much, and never have met her before. Matt agrees! All of the changes and struggles we have and are going through are all worth it. We are so excited for this new experience and this new little baby.
Matt and I are moving out of our town home into a little studio apartment, which will save us some money. I am not really excited to move again I hate packing and unpacking, it is the worst. But ya do what ya gotta do, right? Hopefully we will be moving by next week. The apartment is smaller but we don't use much of the room we have now so I'm pretty sure we can make it work. Matt and I are just working right now, trying to save some money. Matt is starting softball tomorrow. Spring has sprung and so has softball season. He is so excited to play. He has been really good to only agree to play on one league team this year, since he would have to miss work a lot to play on the other leagues. It will be fun to watch him play. Well not to much has happened the last little while hopefully it won't be two months before I blog again.