Monday, July 19, 2010

Matt was giving her a ride in the bike, she absolutely loved it.

At the parade in Minersville with Aunt Natalie.

Showing us how big she is.

This was in Hurricane at the Parade with cousin Bailee.

Getting ready to race, (crawl race). She didn't go anywhere at first then daddy threw his phone out for a bribe and away she went.

Ashlyn eating the candy she picked up at the Minersville parade, of course we didn't let her eat it but I let her pretend.

Ashlyn and Grandma Bonnie. Ashlyn Loves her Grandma

Ashlyn picking up candy they threw, after that she started picking up rocks and eating them. I guess she didn't understand the difference. : )

Our little family!

Fourth of July Fun!

We were able to celebrate the 4th of July in Minersville and Hurricane. Minersville celebrated theirs on Saturday and Hurricane celebrated theirs on Monday, so it worked out for us to be with both families this year. We had so much fun both places. We enjoyed double the parades, dinners, festivities, and best of all fireworks!!! Matt played in the annual fourth of July softball game. They won by a long ways. He had a blast and I had fun watching him play.