Monday, November 17, 2008

We are improving!

Hey folks,

this may seem like a softball blog but we have lost our camera for the time being and we dont have many pictures of our recent happenings. This last weekend we were in Minersville celebrating Revas' (Nanettes Grandmother) 90th birthday party with the whole Albrecht family. Other than that we got together with some friends of ours at The Blue Mountain Lodge for halloween. We had a great time with Jed and Annie and Jarvis and Mandy. We are excited to do it again. And now to what consumes most of our time: Softball. The OUTLAWS, our softball team made up of a bunch of young guys finally won a tournament. We won the second bracket at the St. George Halloween tourney. Softball is fun but it is really fun when you win. Pictured are:(back row, left to right) Jaden Jolley, Rulon Hancock, Bard Hancock, Mike Sanders, Jeff Cupfer, and Ryan Johnson. (Front Row, left to right) Shane Martin, Matt Hirschi, Jarvis Olsen, Dallin Staheli, and Kendall Staheli.