Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Ashlyn will be eleven months next week, she is a handful. I am chasing her around all day, she loves to get into her lotion drawer and eat the lotion. She is walking along furniture and climbing on anything she can, she is getting brave and starting to let go of the furniture to stand up. I don't think I'm ready for her to walk yet! She loves to blow kisses, and she is really good at it. The other day she was looking at a picture of Jesus I had on the walk so I picked her up and pointed to him and said "Jesus Loves You" right when I said that she blew him 2 kisses it was so cute. When she wakes up in the morning she will blow us a kiss. She loves to say hi, she will say hi to her dad when he gets home from work, and she says hi to herself in the mirror. She is starting to throw fits when she doesn't get what she wants or I take something away from her. She is quite the jabber box as well.
We went to Kolob to camp with Matt's family. We had a great time, Aslyn loved it. She liked being outside all the time and with all of her cousins. We also went to a rodeo last weekend, we went with mine and Matt's parents. We had a fun time, although it got kind of long.
Matt is taking a summer class. He will be going back to school full time in the fall. He is staying extremely busy with his class, work, softball, scouts, and family. He is such a hard worker and I appreciate all he does for Ashlyn and I . We got to celebrated his first father's day, he is such a good dad. He loves Ashlyn so much and he takes such good care of her. She loves him she gives him big hugs when he gets home from work. I'm so blessed to have a husband that loves kids and who wants to be the best father ever. Which he is!

She climbed in the suit case and was just sitting their, this was of her climbing out.

I Love This One!

Her cousin Aiden was giving her a ride in his dump truck he was good for a minute then he dumped her out. It was pretty funny.

I was doing the dishes and I turned my back on her for one second when I turned around she was up on the door, she loves to climb on stuff.

I thought this was a cute picture of her, she is always smiling.