Monday, October 22, 2012

Medieval Blog Post
            While I was reading the story I was wondering where we were headed and if I could ever understand what was going. The story was interesting and captivating but didn’t come full circle for me and my mind for some time. Not until the two men started drawing the cathedral together did I gain an understanding of the purpose to me. You asked us to ponder the question, “How does the cathedral bring the narrator and the blind man together?” This is the question I was drawn to and would like to discuss. The topic of the cathedral we have discussed in class was a show of power and unity. Cathedrals were built to give honor and to unite people for a common good and cause. They naturally brought people together to worship and praise god. They were a common thread that dissolved differences between one another and helped and still help people today to recognize the similarities and not focus on the differences. The significant part of the cathedral that I recognized in this story was the unity it caused between the blind man and the husband. The husband focused on the differences he and the blind man had. He was terrified about the idea of meeting and dining and ultimately housing this blind man. Finally through this wonderful experience they enjoyed the two of them were brought together by the drawing of the cathedral. They closed their eyes and allowed their different, yet human cathedrals joined by the hand sketch imperfectly.