Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baroque Blog Post

Baroque Blog Post
          Today’s society is anything but one. There is no need to look further than the most recent political elections that have polarized our country recently and have sent many into a slight frenzy. If you be republican or democrat, pro choice or pro life, we have many freedoms that allow us to express our beliefs and personalities. We have been discussing in class some of the different movements of the past and I would like to compare and contrast a few of those with this post.
            The question posed is whether I believe if America has more of a Baroque or Renaissance influence today. To simply answer the question I would say that we are in a small reformation heading in the direction from a more Renaissance theme to a more dominantly influenced Baroque time. There are many areas of American life and art that could be discussed and dissected but I will only choose a few.  One of the most obvious area that I can draw a distinct line is the current obsession America has for reality television. A slight shift from a more renaissance and traditional and produced and rehearsed view of television production to a more liberal and unrehearsed view into the lives of reality stars. This also includes game shows and contests that are produced live and have a reality flair to them in contrast to tape delayed programs that clearly show the love affair that America currently has with the Baroque view of Art.
            I would also argue that certain parts of the country are divided currently with some of the more central issues of these two topics. To showcase this point is would discuss musical artists for  moment. Country stars are certainly more orderly and rational with their music compared to the more modern rap music and the excessive exploits of the likes of Lady Gaga and her counterparts.